Delicious Whipped Cream in One Minute

Rated the Best New Kitchen Gadget by the Today Show.  The Rage of France is now in the the USA. 

The Creazy jar designed by Cookut in France makes perfect whipped cream in under a minute. Replacing a whisk with three silicone balls, this set promises luxurious texture your desserts deserve with just a few shakes. Become the gourmand for your next dinner party. An excellent gift for the esteemed foodie.

Make delicious homemade whipped cream in 1 minute with CREAZY.   What the Video and see how quick and easy.

Top Rated New Kitchen Gadget

A glass jar + 3 Creazy balls

How does it work?
Just put regular fat cream and sugar in the jar, add the silicone balls and shake!

In 1 minute, you obtain a fabulous whipped cream.

You can adjust the texture the way you like it by shaking just few seconds more.
Then you can keep the whipped cream in your fridge inside the jar.

Designed in France by Gregory Maitre.

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