Impressive Romantic Champagne Toast For Two

Champagne is the very definition of luxury and romance, which makes it perfect for making a memorable toast to your beloved on Valentine's Day.  Prince of Scots Champagne Cocktail Toasting Set is perfect additional detail to a romance package for two. 

There is nothing more romantic - or impressive - than jetting off for a romantic   weekend for two.  A gourmet dinner,  a crackling fire, and a bottle of Champagne are the recipe to toast your life together.  

With effortless elegance, our Champagne Cocktail Set features 2 Coupes which are the perfect home for a cosmopolitan cocktails or a serving of champagne.

The shaped stem creates instant sophistication and offers the perfect first impression or lasting memory to any occasion. With a 1930s influenced design, these coupes have a classic style with an updated contemporary touch. 

Add the Champagne Carry-on Kit and create the instant romantic moment and save the coupes to remember the occasion.

If your plans are a luxury hotel or a carpet picnic, grab a bottle of bubbly and serve up lasting memories.  Cheers to the Good Life!