Add a Little Flavor to Your Home Entertaining Experience!

Raise the Bar on Your Next Celebration with Prince of Scots Barware and Supplies

Raise the bar on your cocktail experience with the Hella Bitters Cocktail Bitters Variety 5 Pack. Each Bottle is 1.7 ounces which is perfect for a craft cocktail experience. 

The 5 unique small-batch flavors feature formulas produced with a particular spirit in mind, these flavors are delicious, versatile and crafted for both the professional bartender and the hobbyist.

The Set Includes:

(1) Smoked Chili Bitters - 1.7 oz Bottle
(1) Citrus Bitters - 1.7 oz Bottle
(1) Aromatic Bitters - 1.7 oz Bottle
(1) Orange Bitters - 1.7 oz Bottle
(1) Ginger Lemon Bitters - 1.7 oz Bottle

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