The Farm-To-Bar Cocktail Experience

The farm-to-table movement changed the way chefs cook at restaurants creating new culinary delights with local produce, regional taste, and trend right taste. New taste that changed the way we think about food.

You have heard of farm-to-table before, but now think about farm-to-bar a little more. Not only are you getting the freshest-possible ingredients, but you’re getting them in booze. This is, quite possibly, the definition of win-win.

The farm-to-cocktail movement is changing the way we make cocktails. Rather than opening up a can or bottle of juice and mixer, restaurants and home bar mixologist are using fresh produce from local farmers. The result is a seasonal bar menu with unexpected combinations and fresh flavors with extra added excitement for the season.

ROOT 23 specializes in the Farm to Cocktail movement. From the farmlands of Ohio, the hand crafted collection is in all-natural, small batch simple syrups made with organic cane sugar and with locally sourced ingredients when available.

The Bartender Spice Rack Syrups can be used to easily make a delicious cocktail or non-alcoholic drink with just a few ingredients! Four Great Flavors for your enjoyment.

Bartender Spice Rack Includes:

  • One 4 Ounce Bottle Vanilla Ginger
  • One 4 Ounce Bottle Cherry Almond
  • One 4 Ounce Bottle Grapefruit Basil
  • One 4 Ounce Bottle Maple Cinnamon 

The Cherry Almond flavor is heavenly, and adds the perfect warmth to your favorite cocktails. Pairs well with bourbon, vodka or rum.

The Grapefruit Basil is a light and refreshing flavor. The tartness of the grapefruit compliments the savory basil in this quintessential summer syrup. Tastes great topped with prosecco or paired with gin, vodka or tequila.

The Vanilla Ginger is delicious. Natural vanilla perfectly compliments the spicy ginger in our most versatile flavor combination. Pairs well with bourbon or vodka. Also tastes great with lemonade, iced tea or cranberry juice.

Maple Cinnamon features a smooth maple flavor complimented by the spice of cinnamon makes this the perfect combination for with bourbon, vodka or rum.

This collection makes a fantastic gift, or as an addition to your own home bar.

Package contains 4 – 4 ounce bottles. Start your Farm-to-Bar Cocktail Experience today!

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