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Looking for the Prefect Baby Gift? Look for the Story of Love from SOUTHAMPTON HOME.

Look for the Story of Love! Welcoming the birth of a baby is one life greatest moments and an occasion to celebrate.  Finding the perfect gift to express feelings of joy can get lost in giving practical gifts like diaper bags and onesies where gifts which are more thoughtful to the babies wellness and comfort express the story of love.  The Southampton Home Hearts Merino Wool Stroller Blanket is the perfect gift.

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The World's First Baby Learning Spoon

French cuisine is lauded across the world and for good reason.  Now the French have developed a baby spoon which will teach babies to eat by themselves. The Bunny Spoon easily teaches babies how to eat by themselves with two handle worldwide patent spoon.  The adult handle is to guide and teach the right movement while the baby handle is to learn step by step how to use a regular spoon. Babies are independent and want to feed themselves where feeding time can be messy and a baby battlefield for control of the feeding process.  The Bunny Spoon puts the baby in charge of the process while allowing the adult to gently guide the process. The Bunny Spoon is made of polypropylene...

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Premium English Stroller Blanket

Prince of Scots enchanting collection of baby blankets are pure merino wool milled and woven in the British Isles. This heirloom quality blanket is the Ideal gift for a cherished child. Give a soft intimate feel a baby requires for soothing comfort and warmth when welcoming them into their new world. Perfect to dress up the stroller for a special trip or a nice snuggly nap, these premium blankets will become baby heirlooms to keep and treasure or pass down through the generations.   Milled and Woven in the British Isles by a mill which is almost two centuries old.  Truly fit for Baby Royalty.  The blankets are made with pure merino wool which is soft and comfortable. Wool is...

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