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The Best of Mid-Century is throwing a brag worthy cocktail party!

Mid-Century style is not going away.  The popularity of the Mid-Century Modern style endures the test of time with clean lines, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials, designs, shapes, and color.  Prince of Scots embraces the best of Mid-Century Design a new barware collection featuring a Cherry Ice Bucket.     Prince of Scots has masterfully designed a Cherry Red Ice Bucket with Brass stem to create this striking ice bucket. The mid-century modern design features clean lines to the bucket's classic look. The double-walled construction keeps ice cold and reduces condensation. A classic update to any bar or table for and elegant touch to entertaining.  The LUXURY CHERRY ICE BUCKET is professional grade stainless steel with a  cherry red finish featuring a brass stem to...

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Is it just another New Years' Eve? Or is it something special?

Is it just another New Year’s Eve? Or is it something special?  I remember from any early age when we moved into our new home and my parents hosted a New Years' Eve Party.   Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and neighbors gathered to celebrate the end of the old year and beginning of the new.  We all wore festive party hats adorned with glitter or fun shapes and sizes. Everyone all had noise makers, horns, and confetti waiting on our countdown to midnight.   As the moment approached I remember the vinyl records were prepped for the record player with one record only played once a year.  This was my introduction to Guy Lombardo.  My Granddad did the honors of having the record ready which was "Auld Lang Syne".  I remember the adults singing, some with smiles, and some with tears running down a cheek, but all happy at the stroke...

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Impressive Romantic Champagne Toast For Two

Champagne is the very definition of luxury and romance, which makes it perfect for making a memorable toast to your beloved on Valentine's Day.  Prince of Scots Champagne Cocktail Toasting Set is perfect additional detail to a romance package for two.  There is nothing more romantic - or impressive - than jetting off for a romantic   weekend for two.  A gourmet dinner,  a crackling fire, and a bottle of Champagne are the recipe to toast your life together.   With effortless elegance, our Champagne Cocktail Set features 2 Coupes which are the perfect home for a cosmopolitan cocktails or a serving of champagne. The shaped stem creates instant sophistication and offers the perfect first impression or lasting memory to...

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