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Great Summer Pineapple Tumbler Cocktails

Smoked Chili Margarita A fresh margarita is a transportive experience. Our Spicy Margarita Mix put the journey in a bottle with just the right amount of satisfying spice. It's easy, all you need is your favorite Tequila plus a few dashes of our Smoked Chili bitters. We use whole Oaxacan smoked chilis that impart a smokey heat, sure to turn up this classic several notches. Smoked Chili Margarita By Hella CoPrepping time: 4 min / Cook time: 1 min / Total time: 5 min / Servings: 1 drink Ingredients 2 oz Silver Tequila .75 oz Triple Sec .75 oz Fresh lime juice .25 oz agave or simple syrup 6 Dashes Smoked Chili Bitters Directions Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice...

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