The Black Manhattan Cocktail

Mix-up a American Classic with a twist of flavor with The Honest John Cocktail Bitters.

Honest John Bitters are true to the craft giving you a tonic filled with the elixir of various flavors.  The name Honest John comes from a time when bitters were marketed as the one-stop shop, cure-all elixir that were sold off the back of wagons by traveling snake-oil salesmen called Honest Johns.

Honest Hohn Bitters are far from a snake-oil salesman, and the collection does not make claims to cure any diseases—unless the disease stems from a severe lack of flavor in your daily cocktail, in which case there is no better alternative.

Black Manhattan Cocktail

Island of ManHattan, New York
December 27, 1877

The receipt for this Cock-Tail is as follows:

- To a mixing glass with cracked ice add,
- Two ounces very good Rye Whisky
- One ounce Amaro Averna
- Honest John Black Walnut Bitters, Four generous dashes

Stir until well-chilled and so that one finger of ice has melted into the liquor. Strain into a chilled coupe glass, and present with a be-syruped dark Cherry of fine proportions.

Black Manhattan Cocktail Recipe ( Photo Courtesy of Heather Nan)