The Perfect Mint Julep

Our heavy, handmade pure copper Mint Julep Cups are inspired from the originals cups which were made in Kentucky during the 1800s. Each Cup is has the Prince of Scots Mark on the bottom to certify the quality. 

Prince of Scots adheres to the traditional design down to the last detail. Our cups are the same size and proportion as the originals, and even feature the same exquisite decorative beading.

Fill this cup with bourbon, sugar, ice and a handful of mint for classic mint julep.  Perfect for any of your favorite cocktails. Hold by the base or rim so frost will coat the cup.

The Perfect Cup to make the Perfect Mint Julep.  

The Perfect Mint Julep

Combine: syrup, bourbon, and ¼ cup ice in a shaker, shake well (10 sec). Strain into a rocks glass over remaining ice (preferably crushed). Optional splash soda, garnish with fresh mint.

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The Perfect Gift is a Prince of Scots Julep Gift Set