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Good Guest Etiquette for any Situation

Have you just been invited over to a friend’s house for dinner, maybe cocktails with your boss, or a weekend away with the in-laws?  Being a good guest may encompass many occasions, but any invite and circumstance should be approached with thoughtfulness and grace.

 \What makes one a good guest is showing appreciation to the one who extended the invitation.  Obviously, this person wants the pleasure of your company.  Return the kindness with a thoughtful host or hostess gift.  A gift that marks to occasion is always in good taste.

Each invitation and relationship will give rise to a unique gift for the invite, the kindness shown by the guest with have the host happy your presence was a great addition, keep them talking about your gift, and surely have you on the A List of the next gathering.

While there’s no such thing as the perfect guest,  never showing up empty handed will go a long way in making you a really good, grateful, and appreciated guest.

Never Show Up Empty Handed

1.  Want an invite back for brunch in the Hamptons?   Prince of Scots Charcuterie Gift Set is the perfect starter set for entertaining at home.  Two beautiful knifes that a functional for wine, cocktails, meats, cheese, vegetables, or making lite bites for any foodie gathering.


The Bartender's Knife is well equipped with an extra-large handle for a skilled mixologist crafting skills.  The multi-purpose blade allows the user to spear cocktail ingredients, peel, slice, zest, and cut wine bottle foil.

The Cheese Knife is well equipped with an extra-large handle for a skilled foodies entertaining skills.  The blade is strong enough to cut hard cheese, soft cheese, and sticky food products like pastries, pies, eggs, tomatoes, and fruits.  The Multi purpose design makes slicing, spreading, and spearing cheese a breeze.

Presented in Beautiful Gift Box!

2.  High Tea Invite?   People often get confused on the difference between high tea and afternoon tea.  High tea is little more upscale and more of late brunch or early supper that is complimented by more substantial light bites like meats, fishes, deserts, breads, cakes, tarts, and luxurious cocktials. 

Coffee, Tea, or Cocktails make Prince of Scots French Cocktail Spoon fitted to any luxury beverage experience.  Beautiful gift box set of 4 French Cocktail Spoons in copper or gold finish. Professional grade stainless steel construction featuring twisted stem with Prince of Scots Luckenbooth handle.  

French Cocktail Spoon ~ Copper ~

French Cocktail Spoon Gift Set ~ Gold ~

French Cocktail Spoon Gift Set ~ Gold ~-Barware-[bar code]-FrenchSpoonGold-Prince of Scots

3.  What is a brunch without sandwiches?  Prince of Scots Premium Cheese-Tomato Knife is precision crafted to be the best knife for charcuterie or making sandwiches. 

The perfect knife for sandwiches and charcuterie.  This versatile knife has an open blade, featuring our artistic Swiss cheese design, that prevents food from sticking and a pronged tip for spearing,

Ideal for slicing and serving cheese, slicing tomatoes, and even bread.  The Serrated edge that cuts through tomatoes with ease.

Cheese-Tomato Knife | Large Handle | Premium Steel, Bar Tool, Gourmet Knife-Barware-Prince of Scots-810032753436-CheeseTomatoKnife-Prince of Scots
4.  Shaken or Stirred?  Ever lover of luxury cocktails knows the answer...right?  While a martinis are high style, we do enjoy a good highball.  If you are invited to a cocktail party, give the host a gift which will be the talk of the social circle from some time. 
Prince of Scots Crystal Cocktail Picks for martinis or Crystal Cocktail Stir Sticks for highballs are in high fashion.  Each set beautifully packaged just needing a ribbon for the presenting this luxury gift. 
Prince of Scots Bright Gem Crystal Cocktail Picks-Barware-Prince of Scots-BrightGemPick-810032752149-Prince of Scots

Bright Gem Crystal Cocktail Stir Sticks


Bright Gem Crystal Cocktail Stir Sticks-Barware-[bar code]-BrightGemStir-Prince of Scots

5.  Understand Cocktail Etiquette is a learned experienced.  Prince of Scots Cocktail Etiquette Towel is an infographic designed to teach the a gentleman now to entertain. 

What is a Bon Vivant?  Simple, a person who likes to live the good life and a good drink.  Who doesn't want to enjoy a good whiskey paired with a great steak? Everyone.  

What is a Raconteur?   That is an easy one....someone people want to listen to and share good times.  Everyone loves a good story teller and good stories begin with living well.  You may find others living vicariously through a gentleman with good etiquette and taste.  Why not learn to live like 007?


Prince of Scots An Illustrated Guide for Cocktail Etiquette Tea Towel-Barware-810032752651-CocktailEtiquetteTowel-Prince of Scots

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