Looking for the Prefect Baby Gift? Look for the Story of Love from SOUTHAMPTON HOME.

Welcoming the birth of a baby is one of life greatest moments and an occasion to celebrate.  Finding the perfect gift to express feelings of joy can get lost in giving practical gifts like diaper bags and onesies where gifts which are more thoughtful to the babies wellness and comfort express the story of love.  The Southampton Home Hearts Merino Wool Stroller Blanket is the perfect gift.

The gift of wellness is a gift of love.  Southampton Home Heart Baby Blanket

The Southampton Home Hearts Blanket is reversible and made from Australian Merino Wool which is soft and the right choice for babies development and wellness.  The benefits of merino for babies were famously proved by a study carried out in 1979 by Scott and Richards at Cambridge Maternity Hospital where babies who slept on merino wool settled more quickly, cried less, fed better and gained weight faster.

SOUTHAMPTON HOME Hearts Merino Wool Stroller Blanket

The Woolmark Company  has certified the quality of Australian Merino wool in the Southampton Home throw as the best choice for babies wellness. New babies don't regulate body heat very well where Merino wool's active fiber reacts to changes in body temperature to stay warm or cool which assists baby's body to naturally regulate body heat to prevent overheating or cooling.

In addition, Merino Wool is a breathable fiber which can absorb large quantities of moisture which then pulls the moisture away from baby's skin which will evaporate into the air.  There is no need for the baby to be clammy while sleeping, sitting in stroller, or on trip to Grandma's house.  Babies body temperature will naturally regulate to the conditions for ultimate comfort.

Merino Wool is also soft to the babies skin and naturally hypoallergenic which is  safe to use for babies with eczema, allergies, and sensitive skin. The Fiber is also odor resistant, fire resistant, UV resistant, easy-care, and an all natural sleeping choice.

Look for the Story of Love!The Southampton Home Story of Love

The natural fibers of wool keep baby warm and comfortable. Scientific evidence supports sleeping on or under wool actually improves the quality of sleep.  Many times babies get unsettled because of body comfort or simply a good sleep.  Merino Wool can make all the difference for baby's wellness and mom and dad's piece of mind

The SOUTHAMPTON HOME Hearts Merino Wool Stroller Blanket is the perfect gift to say you care and to begin sharing the story of love with a gift of wellness for the baby. 


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