A Guide for Cocktail Etiquette for the Modern Gentleman

Are you a bon vivant or a raconteur or both?  Follow Prince of Scots Guide for the Modern Gentle for Entertaining Etiquette is a complete how to guide from cocktail tasting, to setting a table, and how to properly dress for social events.

What is a Bon Vivant?  Simple, a person who likes to live the good life and a good drink.  Who doesn't want to enjoy a good whiskey paired with a great steak?  Everyone.  

What is a Bon Vivant

What is a Raconteur?   That is an easy one....someone people want to listen to and share good times.  Everyone loves a good story teller and good stories begin with living well.  You may find others living vicariously through a gentleman with good etiquette and taste.  Why not learn to live like 007?


Prince of Scots Raconteur Cocktail Etiquette

While having a Chit Chat about etiquette seems a like a somewhat quaint, old-fashioned concept, like not kissing on the first date, landline phones, cable TV, and Myspace, a chat everyman should have none the less.  The word etiquette may bring images to mind of sour faced snobs and people who love the sound of their own voice by telling tales no one could possible share an interest..or to keep oneself from yawning from sheer boredom.  The Modern Gentleman knows the fine social skills improve ones social standing.

Unless you are watching The Crown or Episodes of Downton Abbey, most have little care for fussy old manners which have no relevance in everyday life.  However, in a broader sense for the modern gentlemen, etiquette is still remarkably relevant and is important to ones sense of personal style.  Believe it or not, society has grown a little tired of your garden variety douchebag hogging up the airwaves with a complete lack of self-awareness.  

Consider Prince of Scots comprehensive illustrated guide and learn helpful tips on table etiquette, how to toast, and to set a table. What happens when it is time to make a toast at your buddies wedding or cocktail party? Don't flub words and be that go to guy everyone calls upon to get the party started or memorialize an event. 

Prince of Scots Toast Like a Pro Cocktail Etiquette

After you learn helpful tips on table etiquette, move on to food & cocktail pairings featuring classic cocktail recipes.  Not sure which spirit to enjoy?  Follow helpful tips on how to mix the perfect martini or how to sip and enjoy a man’s drink. Do you know how to make the perfect martini?  

Prince of Scots the Perfect Martini

Do you need tips on how to know enjoy the taste of a good man's drink like whiskey and bourbon.  Tasting whiskey is a fine art much like tasting wine.  Learn It, Love It, Taste it!

Prince of Scots Whiskey Tasting Guide & Etiquette


The guide is complete with tips on how to dress  to impress which will have your guest sharing details of your brag worthy event

Prince of Scots Guide to Etiquette

Consider this illustrated comprehensive guide a virtual finishing school, helping to equip one with all the essential knowledge and modern manners required to go out into the big wide world without making a complete and utter jackass of yourself.  

Get your Prince of Scots Guide to Cocktail Etiquette Towel today which comes with Fast Free Shipping!  The Towel is a work or art and perfect for framing.  Designed exclusively for The Modern Luxury Lifestyle by Stuart Gardiner this guide to etiquette is a must have! 

Cheers to the good life.

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