Camping vs Glamping. The Perfect Blanket to define the outdoor experience.

To Glamp or to Camp, that is the question.  Which one are you?   

Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds

Both enjoy getting away from it all in beautiful outdoor settings, fresh air, an escape, relaxation, or romantic time together.  Camping and Glamping are slightly different experience but the motivation is the same.

What is a Camper?

Back country or campsite, you like the great outdoors, you like sleeping under the stars, cozy in your sleeping bag or relaxing by a crackling campfire with a warm throw wrapped around you to spark the romance and enjoy a night under the stars. You are work with "roughing it" and the closer to nature the better. 

What is a Glamper?

Originally coined as a glamorous camper, a glamper wants an upgrade from the tent and bag experience. Back country or campsite with a rustic feel sound good to you but you like a few extra comforts of home like a bed, running water, conveniences close by,  Having your bed like home with a nice warm throw is sort of like Linus with his security blanket.  Much like the camper, you like a crackling fire with a warm throw wrapped around you to spark the romance and enjoy a night under the stars with a little luxury.

Glamping first appeared in the United Kingdom in 2005 and become an official word in 2016 with the addition to Oxford English Dictionary.   How did Glamping come about?  The glamping craze started when the the economy limited people's travel budgets where alternative travel options were sought to enjoy a little R & R when needed.  The glamper is able to reduce vacation costs by cutting out expensive hotels, restaurants, and bars without sacrificing a luxurious experience.

The Prince of Scots Glamping Experience with Highland Tweed Throws

What  do campers and glampers have in common? The need for comfort and warmth with enjoying the great outdoors.  The Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds are the perfect travel companion.  

RATED THE BEST WOOL THROW FOR 2019 by the Spruce. Prince of Scots have the perfect Blanket for Indoor or Outdoor Use.  Snuggle up with a good book or cozy up around the campfire. The blanket is all wool, naturally flame retardant, and also  hypoallergenic.

Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds Rated the Best Wool Throw of 2019

The Benefits of Wool

Durable and Long Lasting

Wool is like a spring, it has natural crimp that allows it to return to its natural shape. Its complex coiled structure gives it great resilience against becoming flat and hard.

Wool is well-known to be strong and resilient. Wool fiber can be bent without breaking and still have the power to recover.

Naturally Flame Retardant

The high nitrogen and water content make wool a naturally fire retardant fiber which is hard to ignite. Wool does not melt, drip or emit fumes – the major cause of death in fire and also the major issue for restricting access by fire officers during incidents.

New Wool is Hypoallergenic

Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew which can trigger allergic reactions . Wool also has microscopic pores that respond effectively to changes in humidity making it unfavourable for the growth and breeding of the house dust mite whose allergens are one of the triggers for asthma attacks.

Head for the great outdoors with Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds.  Available at Amazon, Houzz, ebay, and Free Shipping 

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