Great Scot! Prince of Scots is the Tartan Authority!

Prince of Scots is the Tartan Authority

Great Scot!  Prince of Scots is the Tartan Authority

Prince of Scots offers luxury wool fabrics which are manufactured and produced in the British Isles. Only fibers which are first quality wool featuring a proud British manufacturing & design heritage receive the Prince of Scots approval.

Prince of Scots Presents a collection of Merino Wool Scarves destined to become a wardrobe favorite. Classic Tartans colors are versatile to adapt to any fashion choice. The Natural Wool Fibers go beyond comfort and offer environment benefits to the home.

Manufactured in the British Isles. Imported from England.

Woolmark Merino Wool

Prince of Scots Scarves are certified by the Woolmark Company, the Global Authority on Wool. The Woolmark Brand is one of the most renowned textile logos in the world. Created in 1964, the design represents the softness, elegance, and modernity of wool.

The value of the Woolmark brand is well established the world over in the apparel, interior textiles and home laundry sectors. When you see the Woolmark on a product it provides certification of the pure new wool content and confidence that you are purchasing a superior product.

Iconic British Style from Prince of Scots

  • 100% Pure Merino Lambswool Scarf. Imported from England
  • Measures approximately 10 inches wide by 69 inches long with a 3.5 inches of fringe on either end.
  • Traditional Tartan Plaid design add a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe.
  • Merino Lambswool is the finest and softest virgin wool creating a superiour luxury scarf.
  • Milled and Woven in the British Isles by a century Old Mill

The Benefits of Wool

Prince of Scots Antique Buchanan Tartan Scarf

Durable and Long Lasting

Wool is like a spring, it has natural crimp that allows it to return to its natural shape. Its complex coiled structure gives it great resilience against becoming flat and hard.

Wool is well-known to be strong and resilient. Wool fiber can be bent without breaking and still have the power to recover.

Prince of Scots Royal Stewart Tartan Throw

Naturally Flame Retardant

The high nitrogen and water content make wool a naturally fire retardant fiber which is hard to ignite. Wool does not melt, drip or emit fumes – the major cause of death in fire and also the major issue for restricting access by fire officers during incidents.


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