Moonshine Cocktails from Sonoma Wine Country

If you are in the Petaluma area or Sonoma Wine Country or need a reason to go, we suggest stopping by Barber Lee Spirits for Delicious Hand Crafted Cocktails. 

Barber Cellars

Barber Lee Spirits is the passion of Michael and Lorraine Barber.  The first pass was mastering organically grown grapes in Sonoma Count with a single vineyard, Barber Lee Cellars  in 2007. With dedication to low intervention winemaking and the desire to make something unique, the vintages were a success.  

Prince of Scots have tested a bottle or two and love the ‘Kitten with a Whip’ Carneros Rosé of Sangiovese'  By Far one of the Best Rosé we have enjoy.  If you are in Petaluma, the tasting room is located in the Historic Petaluma Hotel.  In the world of Ecommerce, Michael and Lorraine would love to hand back and ship on to our front door.  Once again, if you love Rosé, order a bottle and grab some fresh oysters and you are set! 

The quest for a wine from an obsessed California boy with a family from the South, Michael is also a lover of great spirits.  A good bottle of bourbon was just as common as a good bottle of wine on his family’s dinner table.  The Barbers wanted to take their love of whiskey and apply the same ethos they use in the vineyards to make something wonderful…and it did! 

Inspired by a California rye renaissance, the objective was to create an outstanding Rye Whisky.  Most ryes whisky brands pull from the vast barrel stocks of the same four distillers in Kentucky, Indiana, and Canada.  California distilleries make their own rye whiskey from scratch cooking their own locally grown grain mash while  distilling and aging small batch products themselves.  

Barber Lee Spirits Rye Whisky

After extensive research, several test batches and tastings, the Barbers developed a signature mash bill and recipe for one of the most expressive, delicious, and unique ryes on the market and one of the only single malt ryes in America. Micheal and Lorraine relied on industry friends to pull the concept together using the Barber’s wine tanks and equipment at friend’s breweries to craft the mash, and another friend’s copper pot stills to distill it. 

Barber Lee Spirits is 100% malted rye made painstakingly by hand.  Through sweat, toil, trial, and error, Michael developed an entirely singular and backbreaking system of mashing, fermenting, and distilling the sticky and unworkable mess that is a malted rye mash. The result is a spirit that is a rich and spicy one-of-a-kind American whiskey experience.  Barber Lee Spirits first whiskey was released in 2016 after two and a half years of aging, and sold out in a matter of weeks! 

Enter The Man Named Lee to take the Michael and Lorraine's vision to the next level.  Aaron Lee, an entrepreneur and San Francisco native, knew the Barbers from their wine.  Aaron tasted their whiskey at the tasting room and his palate told him something special was happening.

Aaron also a fine spirit lover was looking to start a legacy business for his family. Loving the passion and dedication to the craft premium rye, Aaron convinced the Barbers their craft to the next level and build their own distillery.

Barber Lee Spirits in Petaluma

Barber Lee Spirts was formed by the trio's unique bond and vision to become the first downtown distillery in an old brick warehouse built in 1910 in Petaluma, the oldest city in Sonoma County and the historic heartland of the region. Barber Lee Sprits is dedicated to the art of traditional distilling and must on taste and see on your quest for the perfect cocktail. 

Barber Lee Sprit crafts premium cocktails with Prince of Scots Copper Barware which are also offered for sale at the distillery.

Barber Lee Spirits Manhattan Kit

The Man Named Lee has crafted an amazing Backwoods Zombie Featuring  Barber Lee Moonshine which is also available to buy online.  Barber Lee also offers a Manhattan Kit that includes Lorraine for details!


50% ABV

Everything distilled comes out of the still a clear spirit.  The color in whiskey is a result of aging in charred barrels, but unaged whiskey can have a lot of character and delicious flavor too if done well.  Like moonshine today – the historic whiskies of America were all consumed with no barrel aging.  Ours is based on our malted rye mash.  Full bodied with a light sweetness and notes of almond and light baking spices, it’s a delicious drink for anyone looking for a rich substitute for a vodka or gin.

Backwoods Zombie

1.5 ounces of Moonshine
0.5 ounces of Cocchi Americano Aperitivo
2 Dashes Pear Bitters
1/4 ounce Absinthe
1/2 Lemon Juice
1 Fabbri Cherry

Shake Moonshine, Aperitivo, Lemon Juice, Absinthe and Bitters with ice.
Strain and Pour into glass. Garnish with cherry.

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