Organic and Healthy Pasta Kits Imported from Italy

Meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh have changed the way America thinks about home cooking.  Making the right nutritional food choices in a time starved world are important when ordering online.  Time, convenience and quality are key in making the right choice.    

Move over Blue Apron. Prince of Scots Introduces The Chef Idea Kit. Each Kit includes bronze drawn organic durum wheat semolina pasta packaged in a practical kit that contains all the ingredients perfectly measured, carefully selected, all certified organic and meticulously prepared in Italy. 

The Chef Idea Kit

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that 31% of food is thrown away and that two thirds of that waste occurs in the kitchen. The Chef Idea Kit is perfectly measured to prevent food waste.

Delicious Italian Courses are rich in quality, goodness and exquisitely Mediterranean ingredients. Each recipe is carefully selected with exclusive Italian producers providing the best certified organic ingredients with the most robust flavors where are meticulously reproduced in accordance with the original recipes.

A number of healthy and organic meal box delivery services have set their sights on equipping kitchens with careful ingredient portions to limit this waste and increase healthy living.

The Chef Idea Kit is better than Blue Apron as it is now entirely possible to cook healthy and organic meals with almost no food waste.  The extra added convenience of The Chef Idea Kit is the extend shelf life.  There is no need to build your schedule around your food delivery.  The Chef Idea is ready in 20 minutes on demand.   Thanks to our innovative production techniques kits can be stored at room temperature and for long periods.

Certified Organic, Made in ItalyMaking good choices which are healthy and delicious just became a breeze. The Chef Idea Kit is perfect for meal anytime or on the go. The smart packaging makes a meal away from home a snap. Ideal for vacation, date night with a bottle of wine or last-minute guests. 

Delicious Meals in 20 Minutes


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