Parade Magazine's How to Dress Like a Londoner features Prince of Scots

Prince of Scots Highland Tweed Scarves have been recognized by Parade Magazine  Parade Picks and the Top 10 List of the Best of Classic British Style! 

Parade Editor Megan O'Neil Melle' feature is precursor to the opening of The Gentleman  which opens in theaters on Friday January 24, 2020.  

How to be a Gentleman!

Matthew McConaughey plays a marijuana kingpin and American ex-pat in the London-based crime comedy and listed a one of McConaughey Best Roles.  

The latest film from Guy Ritchie has a stacked cast (Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery and Charlie Hunnam) whose tartan-and-wool-clad, whisky-drinking style has inspired Megan to round up some British fashion look-a-likes influenced by big-screen life across the pond.  Prince of Scots Scarves are on the list. 

The Rollicking British-American Crime Comedy Movie will have everyone craving tartan and whisky. Cheers to Good Taste. 

Read the Story on how to Dress Like a Londoner! 10 Fun Fashions Inspired by the movie. Prince of Scots was in good company with Barbour, Ann Taylor, and Hartmann.

Great Scot

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