Should I Dry Clean or Wash my Wool Blanket? Smart Tips for Lifelong Care

Wool is durable, long lasting, naturally flame retardant, and hypoallergenic.  The care for wool is more involved than easy-to-care fabrics where the understanding of natural fibers is reserved for customers with a more refined taste level. Prince of Scots Wool Throws are heirloom quality which can be enjoyed for a lifetime and the comfort passed on to future generations with proper care.

Prince of Scots Wool Care Tips

Woolen throws were once a common item in many homes. Manmade or cotton fibers replaced wool which are easy care and machine washable. Modern homes today feature wool throws as signature design element in a room and are signs of luxury and sophistication. Protect your investment with these simple steps in care of the wool fiber.

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Wool is Durable and Long Lasting

Wool is like a spring, it has natural crimp that allows it to return to its natural shape. Its complex coiled structure gives it great resilience against becoming flat and hard.

Wool is well-known to be strong and resilient. Wool fiber can be bent without breaking and still have the power to recover.

Wool is Naturally Flame Retardant

The high nitrogen and water content make wool a naturally fire-retardant fiber which is hard to ignite. Wool does not melt, drip or emit fumes – the major cause of death in fire and also the major issue for restricting access by fire officers during incidents.

New Wool is Hypoallergenic

Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew which can trigger allergic reactions. Wool also has microscopic pores that respond effectively to changes in humidity making it unfavorable for the growth and breeding of the house dust mite whose allergens are one of the triggers for asthma attacks.

Wool blankets will keep you very warm on a cold night or cool on a warm night.  Armed with information and a few tips on caring and storing are all you need to know to enjoy these warm covers.

Dry Clean Recommended

Prince of Scots recommends professional dry cleaning for best. Wool throws can be washed if general guidelines are followed.  Washing will reduce the lifecycle of a throw by possibly changing the color, size, and shape of the fabric.  Before dry clean or washing, there are simple steps which can refresh your throw which are fairly simple.

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Shake and Hang First

Before washing, often a good breath of fresh air or ventilating the wool with refresh the throw.  Shaking well will fluff the fibers and help naturally refresh the shape.  Next, hang the throw somewhere where the air naturally circulates. Fresh air with help remove dirt which are solid deposits on the wool, no matter how microscopic. Think of the air lifting dirt off the fibers and sweeping it away.

Spot Cleaning

If your throw needs more than shake and hanging to refresh, attempt to spot clean if the concern is localized to one area.  This can easily be achieved by spot cleaning or light spray depending if need is all over or in spots that need cleaning before hanging it up to dry.

Wool is hydrophobic, meaning the exterior of the fiber actually repels water. Lanolin occurs naturally and acts as a protectant. Wool is  antibacterial and works to repel dirt and water, which is why wool is considered self-cleaning. Sort of like natures true down alternative.

Keep in mind, hot water will cause fibers to expand, and dry heat will cause the fibers to shorten and shrink.  A light spritz is preferred over a soaking, and the dryer is never a good idea.  When spot-cleaning dirt or oil, use vinegar diluted with water (1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water), and start slowly. If the piece is dyed, test for colorfastness meaning the dye will not bleed when wet.  Spot test with a damp white cloth. If the dye comes off, the wool is not colorfast which means the throw is dry clean only.

If the stain is fresh, seltzer water always works well on wool as the air bubbles literally trap and lift away the trouble.

If the throw is in need of cleaning, once again, we recommended dry cleaning but if you trust your washing skills, follow these simple tips on washing wool.

Washing and Detergents 

The General Rule for all pure wool blankets is to always wash in cold water and gently wring or roll.  A hand wash or delicate wash cycle and low-action washer spin on modern appliances can produce a good result.

Specially formulated gentle detergents like Woolite Fabric Wash will further protect and keep your woolen blankets looking terrific. 

Keep in mind, heat can and usually does shrink wool fibers changing the size and can ruin the appearance.  Heat will also affect the drape. Cold water and gentle washing will help retain the fiber and preserve condition if properly followed.  


Air Drying will provide the best results.  Wool blankets can be hung indoor or outdoor to air dry depending on your weather conditions where a well-ventilated area is needed to allow air to freely flow offers the best results.  A slightly damp blanket can also be draped over a door, clothes rack, or non-rusting shower or towel bar.  If the throw is very damp, flat drying may be needed to prevent the losing shape.  

Storing Wool Blankets 

Wool is a 4-season fiber and can be enjoyed year-round.  If you need to store the wool throw, remember protection is needed from pests and dampness. We do not suggest mothballs as the unpleasant odor will outweigh the benefit. Use cedar chips or wood blocks which are natural repellants.  A tightly sealed zipper bag or plastic bin is a good option.  

Sensitive Skin Alert 

Persons with allergies or sensitive skin may find pure new wool blankets or fabrics especially irritating when brushed against their skin.  he novice would call pure new wool scratchy.  If your skin is sensitive, lambswool or cashmere are softer fibers and would be a more suitable comfort option.

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