The Best of British Style! Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds and a Weekend Road Trip

A Summer Time Tradition: Picnics, Parks, Fireworks, and Summertime 

The is no better way to spend a lazy summers afternoon than in a  prime location with the family, friends, and ones we love then playing games in park and enjoying a picnic. Celebrates Summer with memories of blue skies, green grass, delicious food, a refreshing beverages all upon a Prince of Scots Highland Tweed Throw.

The Best of British British Style!  Picnic Traditions!  

The concept of a picnic originated in France, the American adopted the tradition as one of their own.  A picnic is as American as apple pie, a tradition we all grew up with on a weekend road trip or trip to a park or forest.  

The word “picnic” first appeared in the mid-18th century, drawing its origins from the French pique-nique-a social gathering where people would bring their own food and wine.  And we all love a bottle of wine, fresh bread, cheese in a Vineyard. 

Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds, America's Favorite Picnic Blanket

If you need a easy weekend getaway to enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air it brings, plan a mini-road trip.  I love them!  A Road-Trip is inexpensive day out and a picnic provides the chance for quality family time which is much needed.  

Put down the cellphone, play some traditional games, head to your favorite park, forest, lake, roadside picnic tables and just relaxing with good food, a good book, a little music., good times, and yes take out the cellphone and snap a picture because picnics were meant to remembered and good times with family are perfect to share on Facebook.  




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