Butterfly Trinket Tray
Butterfly Trinket Tray

Butterfly Trinket Tray

$ 20.00

Magpie is distinctly designed with a British edge, The Curios Collection nostalgically evoke childhood trips to the seaside, tea time with the grandparents, camping trips to the woods and an unwavering love for the flora and fauna found within the British Isles. 

The love of nature can be found in each piece in the collection. Everything is suitable for Vegans, our products are all cruelty free without compromising on their design.  The ceramics are all made from Porcelain using a mixture of 3 clays, kaolin, quartz, and feldspar.  

The Butterfly Tray

  • Each Tray is 5" x 5"
  • Features a matching Gift Box
  • Vegan Friendly Fine China
  • Vintage British Illustrations 
  • The Prefect Gift for the Nature Lover