Natures Cocktail Infusion ~ Cape Cranberry

Natures Cocktail Infusion ~ Cape Cranberry

$ 14.95

Combining nature’s bounty of natural produce, Prince of Scots presents the Mixology Co to spirit or cocktail all natural infusion kit. Craft natural infusions with your favorite spirit using premium fruits along with herbs & spices, teas, bitters & house made infused sugars.

‘Bespoke Cocktails Naturally Infused’ and ready in 24 hours. Natures Cocktail Mixer!

One- 12 Ounce Bottle:

One Cape Cranberry: Plump rosy red cranberries with a hint of tartness combine beautifully with juicy sweet oranges, crisp lemons and splash of house-made orange sugar.

Directions:  Add Booze to the 12 Ounce Mixology Bottle.  Infuse your spirits for 24 Hours. Shake or Stir to Craft Delicious Infused Cocktails!