The Whiskey Lover's Tea Towel
The Whiskey Lover's Tea Towel

The Whiskey Lover's Tea Towel

$ 20.00

Brown Liquors have always been associated as a Man's Drink.  From bourbons & Scotches to ryes & malts, whisky is a drink shrouded in myth & mystery. You will know you are fine spirit expert when you under the spelling: is it whisky or whiskey?

The towels design get right into the spirit with this dram-fine guide to whisky  business. The Illustrations detail production, ingredients & blends. Get all the facts required to digest one of the world’s most revered spirits.

The only decision to make at cocktail hour is if you would like one of the 6 classic cocktail recipes featured on the towel or maybe it is just neat!

The Perfect Gift for you or the lover of fine spirits. Designed and Made by Stuart Gardiner Design of London

  • Organic Cotton Bar Towel
  • Measures 19 Inches by 30 Inches
  • Illustrated Guide to Whiskies 
  • Made in the Britain
  • Machine Washable