LUXlife Magazine selects Prince of Scots Winner of the 2020 Global Excellence Award

LUXlife Magazine selects Prince of Scots Winner of the 2020 Global Excellence Award

Prince of Scots Winner of Global Excellence Award

United Kingdom, January 26, 2021- LUXlife Magazine will announced the winners of the 2020 Global Excellence Awards.  Prince of Scots was awarded The Most Stylish Luxury Lifestyle Brand in the USA.

The luxury industry is a multi-faceted leviathan. Whether it be the health, wellness, hospitality, design, fashion – or any number of other sectors – the industry is united under one pursuit. The pursuit towards perfection. While 2020 was a challenging year for all areas of business, the luxury industry was hit particularly hard. Yet, successes, achievements and growth are still apparent, despite the crippling nature of the global pandemic.

What has become magnified over the last year is the grounding spirit that drives the luxury industry forward. Ultimately, businesses have been tested and their strengths have shone through. It’s with all of this in mind that we hosted the 2020 Global Excellence programme.

Commenting on the success of the award winners, awards coordinator Holly Morris said: “It is with great pride that I offer my congratulations to all of my deserving winners and wish them the very best as we move forward through 2021 and beyond.”

Prince of Scots simple but elegant lifestyle has captured the attention of an international audience for the brands Modern Luxury Lifestyle.  Prince of Scots Best of American Style &  Best of British Style products have resonated with customers in quality, value, and design.  

Prince of Scots Highland Tweed Wool Throws, which are manufactured in the United Kingdom, were also recognized as the Best Wool Throw in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The Luxury Lifestyle had been consistently recognized for 5 Star Service, Quality, and Style.

Prince of Scots LuxLife Magazine Global Excellence Award

In a world that can be shared in a few clicks the fashion and lifestyle markets are consistently affected by rapidly-changing consumer taste and trends. Fashion and lifestyle brands now service a generation of turbo consumers who demand a rounded and fully engaging service when it comes to parting with their time and money.

As a result, we proudly host the Fashion & Lifestyle Awards to celebrate the accomplishments made by the most talented, innovative and dedicated firms of the industry. Those lucky enough to make our winners’ selection will be presented to our readers as leading lights in this wonderfully dynamic market.

Discussing the success of these deserving winners, Awards Coordinator states: “As a unique form of self-expression, the fashion and lifestyle industry has formed a pillar of the luxury market. Consumers are always seeking new ways to showcase their individuality, whether it be through their clothes, their habitat or their experiences. It is with great pride that I showcase a selection of the best of the best from across the market and wish them a hearty congratulations for their success.”

David Campana, Creative Director of Prince of Scots, said; "We are honored to be recognized by what inspires us." 

Prince of Scots brands include Prince of Scots, Southampton Home, Wanderlust, and The Patio Daddy-O.  Products can be found at, Macy's, Amazon, Houzz, and better speciality stores.  Prince of Scots barware also the barware of choice in many of trend setting bars and restaurants nationwide. 

LuxLife Magazine Announces Prince of Scots winner of Global Excellence Award

Prince of Scots offers Free Shipping on Every Item, Every Day on with no membership fees.  

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