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LUXlife Magazine selects Prince of Scots Winner of the 2020 Global Excellence Award

United Kingdom, January 26, 2021- LUXlife Magazine will soon announce the winners of the 2020 Global Excellence Awards.  Prince of Scots will be awards The Most Stylish Luxury Lifestyle Brand in the USA. Prince of Scots simple but elegant lifestyle has captured the attention of an international audience for the brands Modern Luxury Lifestyle.  Prince of Scots Best of American Style &  Best of British Style products have resonated with customers in quality, value, and design.   Prince of Scots Highland Tweed Wool Throws, which are manufactured in the United Kingdom, were also recognized as the Best Wool Throw in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The Luxury Lifestyle had been consistently recognized for 5 Star Service, Quality, and Style.

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The Legends of Hawaii: All Hail the Tiki Gods with Hand Forged First Ever Copper Tiki Mugs

The Legends of Hawaii are found in the islands & culture where Tiki Gods watched over the land and protected the family.  Island traditions say Hawaiians built many heiau (temples) and placed offerings on specially constructed altar-like towers. Most offerings were edible and wrapped in ti leaves to keep the evil spirits away which gave rise to the fabulous tiki culture influenced by festive luau celebrations.

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