Prince of Scots sets the Gold Standard for Entertaining with 24K Gold-Plate Bar Tools

When entertaining, the host of the party will want to set the stage where stories can be told and friends will remember their role in the bash for years to come. Start planning your next party with Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Bar Tool.  

The Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Ice Tongs

Prince of Scots 24K Gold Barware

Prince of Scots understands the fine art of entertaining.  Social gatherings are like theater where it all starts by setting the scene, planning the guest list, array of small bites and trendy good, the craft cocktail menu, and finally the attention to the details where the host will be recognized for having the best cocktail party ever.

Raise the bar on your gathering with Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Bar Tools and accessories,  The gleaming shine of the gold is the perfect accompaniment crafting cocktails, stirring up crafted beverages which are strained in  perfectly iced glass to toast your guest. Imagine gold serving tongs to dish up note worthy appetizers and lite bites.

Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Barware

Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Bar Tools

Start your collection with Prince of Scots Professional Series 24K Gold-Plate Ice Tongs. A reusable staple for any home bar.  Fox Review Pro. Rated Prince of Scots #2 in the Best Ice Tongs of 2018.  The first class design and functionally has also captured the eye of many of the finest bars and restaurants in the US. Measuring 7 inches is the perfect size tong making ice and food much easier to handle. 

The tong is durable and washable for easy care.  Unlike other gold bar tools and accessories, Prince of Scots uses pure gold versus paint or polyurethane of other brands in the marketplace.  And at only $14.95, Prince of Scots has set the gold standard for affordable luxury.


Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Strainer



Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Bar Strainer

The matching 4 prong bar strainer is prefect bar tool to fit any shaker top with flexible spring system which can huge the inside of any cocktail shaker. Guest will admire the mixologist as a special crafted beverage is poured over 24K gold into a waisting glass.   The scene has been set for the brag worthy cocktail party.



The Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Bar Spoon


Prince of Scots 24K Gold -Plate Tear Drop SpoonPrince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Bar Spoon


Prince of Scots 24k Gold BarwarePrince of Scots 24K Gold Barware


The Prince of Scots 24K Gold-Plate Tear-Drop Bar Spoon is perfectly for mixing fine spirits to perfection. Most other barware companies with talk in metric showing they are size queens as. Big is not better. 

Our classic weighted teardrop bar spoon measures 11.75 inches long with an elegant twisted coil handle. The concave shaped spoon perfects craft cocktails effortlessly.  

Experience the affordable luxury of Prince of Scots.  Beautiful gleaming 24K Gold-Plate bar tools are easy care, durable, and will certainly impress your guest.  And at only $14.95 each, there is no need to share your insight into the art of entertaining...unless you want to give and impassive gift!  

Best of American Style! Cheers! 



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