Destination Vacation: Luxury Road Trip Essentials

It’s officially that time of year: The weather has heated up and everyone is ready for summer travel. While some pack light with a weekender bag for a flight to their destination, others hit the road with endless snacks and and an adventure in mind. 

Prince of Scots Road Trip Essentials

Why is maximizing comfort important on a road trip?

There is no 50-pound weight limit on a road trip so it can be tempting to stuff everything you own into the car. Keep in mind there is only so much room before maxing out the comfort of the trip.  Think legroom and the amazing road trip nap while a travel companion is driving.  All passengers went to be comfortable. Legroom and personal space is not something to sacrifice. Pack the most important essentials and leave the travel clutter behind.

How can you maximize comfort in a packed car?

Instead of packing everything but yourself into the car, consider travel tips to maximize comfort on summer road trips.  

1. Pack strategically: Prioritize essential items and pack in an organized manner to make the most of the available space.  

2. Utilize storage space.  Use the storage area of the car or suv to free up legroom inside the vehicle. If it does not fit it does not go.

3. Plan rest stops to keep your crew fresh: Schedule regular breaks to stretch your legs, grab a snack, and prevent feelings of exhaustion during long drives.

4. Play road trip musical chairs:  Rotate seating positions to provide everyone a chance to stretch out and avoid feeling claustrophobic or bored.

Follow these easy suggestions to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable road trip experience for all passengers, even when the car is packed wisely with essentials, luggage, and road snacks.

Pack Smart to Maximize Comfort in the Car

The road trip is perfected by taking along the perfect snacks.  Who doesn't love good bread, cheese, and meats for perfect sandwich or charcuterie snacks?  

The Prince of Scots Picnic Knife is a compact multipurpose tool. 

  • Razor Sharp: The scalloped blade is strong enough to cut bread, meat, cheese, and fruit. Designed for lasting durability.
  • Serrated Knife & Wine Key Tool: The Multi purpose design makes a picnic lunch a breeze.  Perfect for wining and dining in the great outdoors. 
  • Quad-Tang Handle:  Exceptionally weighted and balanced.  Extra Large 5-inch ergonomic pakkawood handle. Great Gift in Attractive Gift Box.  
  • Washing Instructions:  Hand Wash for best results.  Keep the knife clean, dry, oiled, and sharp.
Prince of Scots Picnic Knife | Folding Knife | Premium Steel, Wine & Bottle Opener, Scalloped Edge Blade, Large Handle-Barware-00810032752576-PicnicKnife-Prince of Scots
Everyone loves a nice car nap on a road trip adventure and everyone loves a picnic along the way.  Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds can be used in the Home, Beach, Picnic, Camping or the Car. 
Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds are perfect to add color to any room.  Wool is natural for Indoor or Outdoor Use. Snuggle up with a good book or cozy up around the campfire. 
Prince of Scots Highland Tweed New Wool Fluffy Throw ~ Antique Hunting Stewart ~-Throws and Blankets-Prince of Scots-00810032750282-J4050028-019-Prince of Scots
Prince of Scots Highland Tweed Roll-Up Travel Blankets are perfect of packing light and traveling smart. Destined to become a family road trip favorite. Features Bridle Leather Carry Strap.
Highland Tweed Tartan Roll-Up Picnic Blanket ~ Antique Buchanan ~-Throws and Blankets-Prince of Scots-Q4050030-012-Prince of Scots
Travel Light and Travel Well with Wanderlust Luggage.  The right size to pack smart and pack well into the vehicle.   Waterproof Canvas or Goat Skin for a high style road trip.  If its does not fit, do not take it and do not over pack.  Comfort is key.  
Plan your trip with the essentials to pack light and travel in comfort and style. 

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