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Homemade Hot Apple Carmel Cider Recipe

Cold crisp fall days with bright blue skies welcome many joys with the change of seasons.  As winter quickly approaches a final romp in the countryside is just what the doctor orders for good health.  And that good health begins with apples.   A perfect family adventure the kids will love is a trip to an apple orchard to pick their own apples.  The Hamptons rolling farmland is flush with apple orchards which flank the vineyards and pumpkin farms.  A family adventure could turn out to have many nice side trips where ever your are. Once the apples have been picked, the adventure just begins.  Start a new annual outing by making your very own apple cider.  As you look...

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Regenerative Agriculture for Your Home, Buy Less and Buy Better

Regenerative Agriculture for Your Home, Buy Less and Buy Better Why buy a wool blanket or throw?  Wool adds texture and quality to an interior design scheme.  Wool is a great way of adding color, texture or patterns, whether that's in a herringbone, basketweave, or tartan pattern.  But more importantly, wool blankets are good for environment.  A Prince of Scots Highland Tweeds or Southampton Home throws are a solution to climate change and support Regenerative Agriculture!

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