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The Hamptons Meet Italy: Southampton Home Limoncello Craft Kit

 The Hamptons meet Italy in this premium kit which contains all the tools you need to make a small batch of limoncello quickly and easily.   Limoncello: Italian pronunciation: [limonˈtʃɛl:o]) is an Italian lemon liqueur.  The 100 year old liqueur from Southern Italy is a favorite of every true Italian.  Southampton Home now brings this old world craft to America with our Limoncello Crafting Kit.  The Liqueur it is traditionally made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, also known as Sorrento or Sfusato lemons.. The Lemon zest, or peels without the pith, is steeped in rectified spirit until the oil is released.  The process of making limoncello normally takes 30 to 45 days, but Our Southampton Home Limoncello...

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Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

Spice up your next party with Southampton Home's Recipe for Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Cocktail. Our recipe is meant to be an appetizer or actually a premium cocktail for the modern foodie. Let's get started with a recipe which will become a party favorite.Ingredients 2 Pounds Raw Medium Shrimp1 Lemon Sliced1 Bottle Beer (Shiner Bock for the True Texans)1 64 ounce Clamato (or V-8)1 Tablespoon Tabasco8 Green Onions2 Avocado's Diced to 1/2" pieces2 Large Cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and then diced to 1/2' pieces4 Tablespoons Chopped Cilantro6 Limes Juiced (3/4 Cup of Juice)1 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Pepper1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt. DirectionsWe start with 2 pounds of raw medium size shrimp. Pre-cooked shrimp will not give you the robust flavor or...

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