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Cheers to the Delicious History of the Great American Cocktail.

The Old Fashioned is the standard bar cocktail and it has been around much longer then the Don Draper's of the 60s.  Some say the drink is made the "old fashioned" bar tender way…others think is it was a drink of the old folks…others say it is the whiskey lovers drink.  We say Cheers to the Old Fashioned. One would need to step into the way back machine to discover the real roots of the Old Fashioned. Much like most of America, our culture is a melting pot of good taste, style, and adaptation to our surroundings.   The first documented definition of the word "cocktail" was in response to a reader's letter asking to define the word in the May...

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Premium English Stroller Blanket

Prince of Scots enchanting collection of baby blankets are pure merino wool milled and woven in the British Isles. This heirloom quality blanket is the Ideal gift for a cherished child. Give a soft intimate feel a baby requires for soothing comfort and warmth when welcoming them into their new world. Perfect to dress up the stroller for a special trip or a nice snuggly nap, these premium blankets will become baby heirlooms to keep and treasure or pass down through the generations.   Milled and Woven in the British Isles by a mill which is almost two centuries old.  Truly fit for Baby Royalty.  The blankets are made with pure merino wool which is soft and comfortable. Wool is...

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Best of Britain: Heirloom Quality Tartan Tweed Throws

Celebrate the Best of Britain with our new collection of Tartan Blankets woven in 100% Pure New Wool.  We use only pure wool milled and woven in the UK by Abraham Moon & Sons which was Founded in 1837. One of the last remaining vertical woolen mills in Great Britain with a reputation for consistent quality and innovative design. Our collection of throws are heirloom quality and destined to become a favorite.  The throws are durable, heavy, new pure wool and measure. 72" x 55".  Perfect to snuggle up next to fire or read your favorite novel.   The throws are versatile and can be used as beach, picnic, or car blanket in addition to snuggling up to read a...

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A New Holiday Heirloom ~ Nordic Christmas Table Cover

The Holidays are all about special moments with family and friends. These memories are priceless and are passed down through the generations. Prince of Scots would like to present our Christmas Table Cover prefect for setting the tone for new holiday memories.Made in Scotland in looms that date back to 1900, our Christmas Table Cover is inspired by a traditional Scandinavian Christmas card sent to the designer of the pattern. The cover shows a traditional, Nordic, festive inspired scene including reindeer, pine trees and small winter animals.This beautiful cover makes a stunning addition to any table during the festive season.

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