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The Best of American Style, Celebrate Summertime Traditions with Southampton Home.

PICNICS, PARKS, FIREWORKS, AND SUMMERTIME. Imagine rolling vineyards, pristine beaches, sleepy farm communities, and luxury estates. The world's most prestigious address is the Inspiration for the Southampton Home Collection.   The Hamptons are a popular summer playground where summer picnics on the farm, a day at the beach, or at the vineyard listening to music is not complete without an impressive throw to rest upon. Enjoy the Best of the American Style with the Southampton Home Collection. The picnic is as American as apple pie, a tradition Americans love. The concept of a picnic originated in France and Americans adopted the tradition as one of their own.  A tradition we all grew up with on a weekend road trip or trip to a park or forest.   The word “picnic” first appeared in the...

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Looking for the Prefect Baby Gift? Look for the Story of Love from SOUTHAMPTON HOME.

Look for the Story of Love! Welcoming the birth of a baby is one life greatest moments and an occasion to celebrate.  Finding the perfect gift to express feelings of joy can get lost in giving practical gifts like diaper bags and onesies where gifts which are more thoughtful to the babies wellness and comfort express the story of love.  The Southampton Home Hearts Merino Wool Stroller Blanket is the perfect gift.

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Is it just another New Years' Eve? Or is it something special?

Is it just another New Year’s Eve? Or is it something special?  I remember from any early age when we moved into our new home and my parents hosted a New Years' Eve Party.   Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and neighbors gathered to celebrate the end of the old year and beginning of the new.  We all wore festive party hats adorned with glitter or fun shapes and sizes. Everyone all had noise makers, horns, and confetti waiting on our countdown to midnight.   As the moment approached I remember the vinyl records were prepped for the record player with one record only played once a year.  This was my introduction to Guy Lombardo.  My Granddad did the honors of having the record ready which was "Auld Lang Syne".  I remember the adults singing, some with smiles, and some with tears running down a cheek, but all happy at the stroke...

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