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While the beaches are the biggest draw in the Hamptons, one must come and enjoy a fall fantasy fest with fun for the entire family.  Pumpkin Picking in the Hamptons is a perfect getaway to enjoy the final warm sunny days or even a cold crisp one.

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What is Harvest Time like in the Hamptons?  H E A V A N!  Believe it or not the oceanside communities of the Hamptons come alive after the beaches close up for the season.  Gone are the crowds, the hurry up and wait agendas, and time for a relaxing day in one of our rolling Vineyard Estates. Wolffer Estate Vineyard Fall is the season to bring in the harvest from the vine.  Wolffer Estate Vineyard, our Water Mill neighbor, is the perfect setting to celebrate all that makes fall glorious.  The vineyard boast a spectacular great hall to escape the everyday world.  Enjoy the romance of the countryside.  Gentle rolling hills frame the estate in a fairy tale experience for...

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The Evolution of an American Classic: The Manhattan!

The History of the Manhattan dates back to the 1860's.  While some of the historical accuracy is muddled between fact and fiction, we can at least agree this Classic American Cocktail did originate in Manhattan.   The theories are many on how the Manhattan originated.  The most popular of these is that in the early 1880s Dr. Iain Marshall crafted the recipe for a party that was held at the "Manhattan Club" in New York City by Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston’s mother. Many people believe this story is a myth as history actually recorded Lady Randolph Churchill was pregnant (with Winston!) and at home in England, therefore she would not have been celebrating in New York. The more historically correct...

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Celebrate a Summer of Luxury, Travel, and East Coast Style with a Complimentary Gift

Prince of Scots is pleased to present Eastern Home & Travel Magazine. Celebrate a Summer of Luxury, Travel, and East Coast Style. Travel the Coastal Empire with great tips on Travel, Interior Design, Food, and Summer Fun.  The eastern states are beautiful and diverse, a blend of our country’s earliest history and contemporary, cosmopolitan living. Eastern Home & Travel magazine reflects those attributes through its clean, artistic design and editorial that focuses on the best of living in and exploring the Eastern United States. Travel Memorable destinations, luxurious accommodations, and imaginative getaways for active travelers who enjoy discovering new places and revisiting old favorites, throughout the eastern states. Home & Decor Design innovations, distinctive products, and inspiration for readers who...

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